How To Exfoliate Your Skin?

exfoliateExfoliation is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing. Most of time when you wash your face, the dirt from the top layer of skin removed but the dirt that settles in the inner layers is still present. Exfoliation is skin regeneration process that helps to clean your skin deeply, remove dead cells, and reveal the new skin underneath.

Physical exfoliation: – Sugar scrub, salt scrub or apricot granules or walnut shells are all ways to physical exfoliate the skin. It can be either harsh or gentle depending on what we choose. Effects of physical exfoliation are short lived. It does not exfoliate the skin on a deeper level.

Chemical exfoliation: – Chemical exfoliation is the process that involves the chemicals like enzymes, glue-like substance that holds the cells together, peels and alpha hydroxyl acids. It mainly used for acne-prone skin. If it not done correctly or in right composition then it can harsh for your skin.

How to exfoliate: –

Step 1: – Take a damp cloth and soak in water. Now put this towel on your face to open up your pores.

Step 2: – Wash your face with your regular face wash.

Step 3: – Select exfoliation that is best suited to your skin type. Now give gentle circular motion massage for few minutes. Make sure that cover every inch of your face.

Step 4: – Wash your face and pat it dry.

Step 5: – Apply good moisturizer on your face.

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