I have normal skin but the skin around my eyes is very dry

I have normal skin but the skin around my eyes is very dry and coarse. Is there any remedy to get softer skin around the eyes?


Solution:-First avoid harsh cleanser, soap, brush and scrub. Secondly, use a mild cleanser. Avoid lukewarm water face wash, steam and sauna. Heat causes further skin dehydration. Apply sunscreen whenever go outside. Include lots of fruit, vegetables, water and antioxidant in your diet. Apply aloe vera gel, lemon juice-honey solution and banana-honey pack on your skin.

I am very fair and I would like to color my hair. Please suggest some hair color that I could try.

Solution: – You can try brown rich color such as chestnut, mahogany and deep shades of plum. Even gold highlighting hair works well. Try these hair color and enjoy your new look.

I have dark complexion. I wish to try out purple lipstick. Which purple shade would work on me?

Solution: – Try matte purple lipstick and avoid purple glossy lipstick. Deep wine purple is the best hue for your lips. Try to avoid light shade of purple and mauve color.

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