Is baby lotion or cream is good for adult skin?

4783484352_ca10a7c8b7I have seen that many people to use baby lotion for their skin care. Most of the women loves the baby lotion fragrance that why they use baby products. However, the skin requirement for a baby and an adult is different. Baby has very soft and delicate skin in comparison to adult skin. Let us see the benefits and problem on using baby lotion on adult skin.

It is neither good nor bad for skin: – Baby lotion is very mild lotion that will unable to fulfill adult skin requirement but has no side effects that is the good part.

Sensitive skin: – Baby lotion is best for sensitive skin people because it is very mild that is good to take care of your skin without any side effects.

Vitamin E: – Baby lotion enriched with vitamin E that is good for dry skin people also. Vitamin E is good for skin nourishment.

Prevent pimple problem: – If you are facing pimple problem that baby lotion is best for you because it does not clogged the skin pores and it is chemical free lotion.

No extra skin protection: – Baby lotion will not provide any extra care such as sun-protection or anti-wrinkle treatment or anti-tanning. For that, you have to purchase other products.

It works only on face skin: – Face skin is delicate in comparison to other part of body skin such as hand, legs. It requires more moisturizer.

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