Beauty Tips And Tricks With Coconut oil

Coconut-Oil-WebCoconut oil is one of the best nourishment and moisturizer for your skin and hair.

Long last moisturizer: – Mix few drops of coconut oil with your body moisturizer. It gives you longer lasting moisturizer.

Eye makeup remover: – Just pour few drops of coconut oil on a cotton ball then swipe it gently across the lashes and eyelids.

Foundation: РCoconut oil helps to enhance the foundation effect.  Add one drop of organic coconut oil into your foundation. Mix it and apply it. It gives you a nice glowing face.

Cracked heels: – Apply coconut oil on your cracked heels then cover it with pair of socks. Leave it for overnight and next morning you will find smooth looking feet.

Nail care: – Coconut oil can be used as cuticle strengthener oil and remove nail paint.

Soft lips: – Just apply a little amount of coconut oil on your lips before going to bed.

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