Care for your treasured chest!!

We pay a lot of  attention to face care. On daily basis we do cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing of our face but what about neck and chest? Lets start taking care of  your  chest as it is a vital part of your body.


Chest pigmentation:- Sun spots appears on your decolletage and it may be subjected to sunburn and pigmentation.Vegetable juices like tomato, cucumber, red onion and lemon, cocoa butter, aloe vera, almond, avocado mask are good to reduce pigmentation problem.Usage of sandalwood paste and olive oil are other good remedies to tackle skin pigmentation problem.

Enhance texture:- For enhancing chest skin texture its good to use homemade scrub twice in a month. Papaya, oatmeal, orange, banana,apricot, strawberry are good natural scrubs you can opt according to your skin.For more details read also Homemade natural facial scrub and  Skin exfoliation the natural way.

Skin tightening:- You know that skin of decolletage is thin and less elastic in comparison to other part of skin.So you have to pay more attention to it. Egg white mask is excellent for skin tightening.Take one beaten egg white and apply it on chest area, leave it till its dry.For more details read also Home remedies for skin tightening.

Moisturizer:- Always keep you skin hydrated because dry skin causes wrinkle problem. Always use good moisturizer and give 10 min gentle massage.Chest massage is good for proper blood circulation and also gives you fine skin texture.

Sunscreen:- Whenever go outside its good to use sunscreen which protects the skin from sunburn.

Taking good care of decolletage can make it asset rather than bane to your look.

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