Clean and clear scalp

Clean scalp plays significant role to keep your hair healthy. Healthy hair requires clean and clear scalp. Clean scalp helps to give you suitable environment for hair growth. Today I am going to share scalp scrub recipe that is good for scalp cleanness.

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Ingredients that you will require:-

Baking powder


Procedure: – Take 1 part of baking powder and 3 part of water. Mix it well and apply it on scalp. Leave it for 2 min then give gentle circular motion massage. It helps to remove dry flaky skin and dead cells from your scalp. It helps to give you clean, infection free scalp. Repeat this process once in a month.


  • It helps to remove greasy, oil or sticky substance from your scalp.
  • Prevent dust deposition or any product building on your scalp.
  • Make your scalp infection free.

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