Harms Of Over Tweezing or Plucking Eyebrows


Without supervision of professionals, plucking or tweezing of eyebrow can causes more harm than good. Tweezing of eyebrows looks like an easy option to groom your eyebrow at home but most of the time we need professional guidance to give it proper shape. Today I am going to share the side effects of over tweezing of eyebrow.

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Sparse hair: – Over tweezing of eyebrow will give you unattractive, thin and sparse hair look. At-least maintain a gap of 3-8 weeks between two tweezing of eyebrow. That depends on individual person’s eyebrow growth. If you make a mistake then you have to wait for several weeks for its proper growth. Alternatively you can use same hair color pencil to hide it until it grows full length.


Follicle damage: – It is one of the main side effects of over plucking. Due to lack of knowledge or un-expertise, hand generally damages the follicle. Follicle is responsible for hair growth. If follicle damages permanently it means the eyebrow hair will not grow back. It is good to remove hair carefully and wait for its full growth.

Infection transfer: – Tweezing of eyebrow open the skin pores and provide good environment for bacterial growth. It is good to rub alcohol before and after tweezing. It provides infection free environment.


Ingrown hair: – It is most common side effect of tweezing. Most of the time hair breaks off underneath the skin due to wrong plucking of eyebrow. Finally, it causes ingrown hair problem, pimple or red bumps as side effects. You can reduce the problem by plucking the hair from its root and pluck it in same hair direction to avoid the ingrown hair problem.

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