Homemade scrub for whitening armpits


Many times we do not purchase or wear sleeveless dress due to dark armpit. We feel shy to raise our hand when wearing sleeveless dress. You are not alone there are several people who face same problem.  There is no need to worry as with the help of skin whitening scrub we can get white armpit along with skin revival. It helps to remove darkness, dead cell and give chance to new cells to replace the older one. For more detail read also Quick relief from dark underarms

Armpit whitening scrub:-


Sandalwood scrub: – Personally, I love its fragrance.  Take powder of sandalwood and mix milk into it or you can rub it against the stone with the help of adding little amount of milk and make a paste. Now add few drops of lemon juice into it. Apply this paste on armpit and leave it until it is dries completely. Repeat this process thrice in a week to get desired results.

Gram flour scrub: – Prepare a paste with the help of gram flour, milk, lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Now apply it on underarms and leave it for 20 min. Then wash it off with water. Repeat this process at-least twice in a week.

Saffron: – Soak few strands on saffron into milk and leave it for few hours. Then apply it on armpit. Leave it for 15 min then wash it off with water. Repeat this process daily. You will get nice, fair, glowing skin.

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Yogurt: – It is one of the simplest methods of skin whitening. Mix yogurt and lemon juice well. Apply it on underarms and  leave it for 15 min then wash it off. You will get whiten underarms.  Repeat this process daily to get desired results.

Turmeric scrub: – Turmeric- yogurt combination works great on dark underarm. Both are natural bleaching agent.  Apply it on affected area and leave it for 15 min then wash it off. Repeat this process thrice in a week.


Cucumber- potato: – Grind cucumber and raw potato. Apply a mixture of cucumber and potato juices on affected area. Leave it for 15 minute then wash it off with water. Apply this scrub thrice in a week. You will get noticeable difference within ten days.

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