How to Control Excessive Oil on Face

Oily face gives you dull and tired look. No one likes greasy face. It shows your laziness. Everyone has desire to look fresh. If you wash your face too frequently then it wash off natural oil from the face as well as makes your face  dry.


Natural ways to control excessive face oil secretion:-

Drink healthy juice: – Cucumber, bottle gourd, bitter gourd are good juice to clean your stomach and prevent excessive oil secretion from the body.

Rose water: – Rose water is best remedy to control excessive oil secretion. After face wash apply rose water on face with the help of cotton ball. It helps to prevent excessive oil formation.

Tomato juice:– Apply tomato juice or pulp on face. Leave it for 15 min then wash off with water. It also helps to reduce excessive oil formation.

Lukewarm face wash: – When you wash your face with water. Instant of using cold water try to use lukewarm water. It helps to dissolve oil, greasy substance and gives you fresh look.

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