Natural Lip Care

Firstly, consider your lips are either juicy or dry out. Lips skin are usually thinner than other part of skin that allow the blood vessel to be visible and making the lips to look red.  Lip has no oil glands. You have to pay more attention to make it beautiful lips.


Know the lip balm ingredients: – Natural hydrating ingredients such as Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, vitamin E, coconut or almond oil are good for lip care. Petroleum jelly works wonder on your lips.

Wear sunscreen: – Try to use those lip products that contain sun-protection ingredients because lips are susceptible to sunburn since it has lack of melanin.

Keep it hydrate: – Drinking enough water will keep your skin, lips, body or hair hydrate. It is good to carry water bottle with yourself.

Do not lick your lips: – This habit makes your skin dry, rough and chapped. Licking of lips damages the protective barrier that can dry out the lips.

Lip exfoliation: – Try to use natural scrub or use those scrub that contain fruit-acid based alpha beta hydroxy acid ingredients.  It helps to slough off dead cells.

Plump up your pout: – Use the lip-liner shade that is slightly darker than your lipstick shade.  First apply little amount of foundation and blend it properly. Now apply the lipstick in the centre of your lips and top it off with a little amount of gloss.

Wrinkles around the lips: – Age, smoking and sun exposure causes wrinkle around your lips. Apply avocado-honey paste around your lips. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it.

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