Natural Mask To Treat Ingrown Hair

shaving-legs-300x206Ingrown hair curled around and grown back into the skin instead of rising up from it. Ingrown hair causes red bump, swelling, pain and inflammation. Let us see the natural mask recipe that to prevent ingrown hair.

Ingredients: –

2 tsp of sugar (natural scrub that helps to remove dead cells and prevent ingrown hair)

10 drops of tea tree oil (anti-bacterial property that helps to treat ingrown hair infection)

5 tsp of olive oil (give natural moisture and helps to soften the skin)

Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together. Firstly, wash the area with lukewarm water then apply this mask on affected area. Let it sit for few minutes then scrub it gently for 2 minutes. Give gentle circular motion massage. Lastly, rinse it with cold water.

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