Oil treatment for oily and sensitive skin

Oily skin people generally avoid oil-based cream and oil massage. Most of them fed up from there oily skin as well as almost same thing happen with sensitive skin people also. Sensitive skin people avoid usage of new product because of their sensitivity. However, the oil that is extract from plant root or flower that has benefits to take care of sensitive and oil skin people.


Almond oil: – It is best oil for sensitive and oily skin people. Apply almond oil daily before going to bed. It helps to add extra glow on your skin as well as prevent acne.

Lavender oil: – Lavender oil is good for oily and sensitive skin. It has property to prevent acne, pimple problem.

Sunflower oil: – It is best oil for sensitive skin. It has emollient property and is good to keep your skin hydrate. Apply this oil on face at least twice in a week.

Jojoba oil: – Jojoba oil is best for any type of skin. It helps to keep your skin hydrate and prevent acne problem because it has cleansing property that helps to clean your skin pores deeply. Apply this once in a week.

Coconut oil: РApply coconut oil on your face at least once in a week. It is good to take care of oily and sensitive skin.  Coconut oil also helps to reduce dark spots on your skin.

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