Quick Way: To Dry Nail Polish


We all love colorful nail but waiting for nailpolish to dry is tough. Sometimes when we are getting late then we try to skip nail paint just because it takes time to dry. Now there is no need to compromise with your colorful nail. I am sharing few easy tricks that will help you to quick fix your nail paint.


Ice bowl: – Yes ice water dip. I know it is little uncomfortable but it is worth. Take a bowl filled with water and few ice cubes. Dip your nail into it for 2-4 min and try not to  move your fingers. Moving of finger may cause scratch on your nail due to rubbing of ice.


Freezer: – Hey, I am serious. If you are in a hurry then open your freezer and put your hand into it for 2 min. Your nail polish will fix quickly. It is one of the easiest methods to fix your nail polish nicely.

Cooking oil spray: – Spray little amount of butter free cooking oil. It not only helps to fix your nail polish or let it dry but also moisturizes your cuticle too.


Coolest setting blow dry: – It is another way to dry your nail polish quickly. Set your dryer at cool level, hold the dryer about a feet away and start your dryer. It helps to fix your nail polish without bumps. If your dryer is too close to your nail then it causes bumps on your nail paint. All your whole work might get spoiled. So be careful!!

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