A sign shows that your hair requires protein

Any trouble in the hair such as damage, dull, dry, split hair or hair fall. Protein is the solution of your hair problems. Let us see the signs of that tells you hair require protein.


Damage hair: – Many hair care products enriched with chemicals that break our hair and damage it badly. It makes your hair look dull, lack of hair shine and more prone to breakage or split hair.

Lack of hair elasticity: – Take the few hair strands in your hand then stretch it. If it breaks abruptly in between than it shows that, your hair is not healthy. Generally, healthy hair will stretch without breaking. It is another sign that shows your hair requires protein.

Split hair: – It is another that shows protein requirement. Lack of protein causes split ends.


  • Use protein enriched products that helps to revive your hair
  • Natural protein hair pack is also good for healthy hair care such as avocado or egg

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