Benefits of herbal shampoo

Herbal shampoo made by natural ingredients such as flower, roots of medicated plant, leaves and its juices. I have written several articles on herbal shampoo recipe or herbal infusion for hair care. Let us see the benefits of herbal shampoo. For more detail read also Homemade Shampoo Recipe , DIY: Herbal Infusion Recipe for Hair Care.


Add hair shine: – Best part of herbal shampoo is that it helps to add shine on your hair. It makes your hair shiny.

 Add hair growth: – It provides hair root strengthening that is good for healthy hair growth. Herbs are good to improve hair elasticity.

Stop hair fall: – Aloe vera, Indian lilac are good to prevent hair fall. It helps to make your scalp infection free and provide suitable environment for hair growth.

To get rid of split hair: – Herbal shampoo provides sufficient moisturizer to your hair and prevents hair breakage and split hair.

Anti-dandruff treatment: – Aloe vera, Indian lilac, marigold are good to combat against dandruff. It helps to prevent dandruff and provide sufficient moisturizer to your scalp.




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