Easy Way To Get Healthy Hair

Damage and dry hair requires more hair care. Natural hair care will reduce the hair fall and stimulate the scalp for faster as well as healthier hair growth.


How it works: – Choose the natural hair oil for hot oil treatment such as coconut, jojoba, olive or almond oil that penetrates the shaft of the hair and moisturize it deeply.

Herbs for hot oil treatment: – Herbs like chamomile, sage, rosemary or horsetail are best to use it hair oil treatment. Take double boiler pan then steep 2 tsp of dry herbs and half cup of oil. Heat it at low flame for an hour then strain the herbs and collect it in airtight jar. Your herbal oil is ready to use.

Essential oil for hair treatment:-Add few drops of essential oil such as rosemary essential oil or lavender essential oil along with carrier oil (almond, olive or coconut) to revive your damage hair and provide hair strengthening.




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