Folic Acid For Hair Growth

Folic acid contains essential nutrients that required for hair growth. Folic acid present in various kinds of vegetables and fruits such as orange, pineapple, soya beans, peas, grape fruits, egg yolk etc.


Hair growth: – Folic acid responsible for cell division and hair follicles are depending on growth of the cells. Include diet that enriched with folic acid that promotes hair growth.

Prevent premature grey hair: – Deficiency of folic acid in the body is major cause of grey hair. It is the stage when red blood cells multiply in large number than normal.

Hair fall: – Folic acid curbs the problem of hair fall and includes growth of hair. Over intake is harmful for health.

Healthy scalp: – Folic acid is responsible for healthy scalp because it controls cell division.

Hair thinning: – Folic acid provides essential nutrients to the hair that responsible for hair growth.

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