Hair nourishing pack

Like our body, our hair also requires nourishment. Many of us do complain about rough and dry hair. It happens due to lack of hair nutrients. Our body-required food for energy like that our hair requires nutrients to protect it from damages.


Coconut water: – Coconut oil as well as its water are excellent for hair care. Keep coconut water into the spray bottle. Now spray it on your hair. Leave it for 30 min then rinse it with water. It helps to add extra shine, softness and life to your hair.

Vitamin E nourishing pack: – Vitamin E is basic requirement for hair care. Soak walnut and almond oil in milk for 3o-40 min then make its pasted. Now add 2 tsp olive oil in this paste. Apply this on scalp along with full hair length.  Pay more attention on hair tips. Leave it for 40 min then wash off with lukewarm water.

Protein enriched hair pack: – Take 2 tsp sprouted cereals and one egg both are good source of protein. Grind it and make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on hair. Leave it for 20 min then wash off with water.

Vitamin C hair pack: – Lemon juice is good to fight against dandruff. Vitamin C has antioxidant property it helps to protect your hair from premature aging. Take 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp yogurt and 1 tsp honey. Mix it and apply it on hair. Leave it for 20 min then wash off with water. You will get nice, healthy hair.

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