Homemade Aloe vera Hair Spray


Aloe vera benefits are well known. It is quite famous because of its natural ingredient that nourishes your hair very well. Either we talk about adding off hair sheen, moisturizer or hair growth, all requirements can be fulfilled with the help of aloe vera. So friends, it is time to prepare aloe vera natural spray at home and enjoy healthy hair.

Hair spray for strengthening:-

Ingredients that you will require:-

1-cup green tea water extract

1-cup aloe vear fresh juice

2 drops of essential oil

Mix all the ingredients and fill it into the spray bottle. Shake it well before using it and you can use either before or after hair wash. It helps to give you hair strengthening and add shine to it.

Hair spray for detangle:-

Ingredients that you will require:-

1-cup aloe vear fresh juice

1 cup of water

1/ 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil

2 drops of essential oil

Mix all the ingredients and fill it into airtight hair spray bottle.  Now spray it on hair while your hair is slightly damp.

Hair spray conditioner:-

Ingredient that you will require:-

1 cup of aloe vera juice

1/2 cup of water

2 drops of essential oil

Mix it well and pour it into spray bottle. After hair wash spray it. It helps to add sheen and give proper hair moisturizer but do not forget to shake the spray bottle well before using it.

If we talk about essential oil, you can choose either lavender or peppermint or tea tree. Every essential oil has its own property. These not only soothes your senses but also nourish your hair very well. For example Lavender oil promotes your hair growth, tea tree oil has antiseptic property that fights against dandruff or infection and peppermint oil helps to improve blood circulation that increase hair sheen.

Friends which hair sprays are you going to try? Do share with us….

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