How To Cure Acne Due To Dandruff

Dandruff flakes causes the rise of pimple because when we scratching our head then these flakes fall onto our face. These dandruff flakes makes your skin oilier that provide suitable environment for bacteria to grow which leads to acne.


Prevent hair-styling products and bangs hairstyle: – First change your hairstyle such as side bangs that fall on your forehead which transfer oil or dust from your hair to your forehead. It causes acne. Hair-styling product causes dandruff. It is good to avoid its regular usage.

Herbal shampoo: – Switched to herbal shampoo that is chemical free and good to cure acne.

Natural conditioner: – Egg is best natural conditioner. It makes your hair stronger, smooth and shiny. It is best remedy to prevent dandruff.

Hair rinse: – Take some fresh neem (Indian lilac) leaves and 2 cup of water. Boil it until leaves color turn yellow. Now filter its extract and leave it to cool down its temperature. Rinse your hair with neem water. It has antibacterial property that helps to cure dandruff and acne.

To get rid of scalp dryness: – Scalp dryness causes dandruff formation. Always remember that your scalp should be well moist.

Lemon juice: – Take 2 tsp lukewarm coconut oil and 2 tsp lemon juice. Mix it and apply it on your scalp. It helps to cure dandruff as well as acne.

Hot oil treatment: – Apply lukewarm nourishing oil on your scalp. It helps to break your dandruff cycle and keep your scalp moist.

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