How to get relief from summer hair problem

Changes in season can also affect your hair in adverse way. Summer brings lots of hair problem such as excessive hair fall, dull, dry and damage hair. Even coloring your hair locks or taking a dip in the pool may be the problem your hair during summer.


Hair turns green: – In summer, swimming is the great activity to cool yourself. However, chlorine present in pool water that can make your hair turns green. It is good to wear swimming cap that helps to protect your hair damages from chlorine water.  Wash your hair with chlorine removal shampoo that is good to return your hair into normal color.

Fading of hair color: – Strong rays of sun can often change your hair color due to its temporary bleaching effects. It is good to wear a hat or use umbrella to protect your tresses from sun-rays.

Forehead breakouts: – Greasy bangs stick to your forehead and block the skin pores. This blocked skin pore causes breakout.  It is good to keep our bangs off your face so that your skin can breathe easily.

Dehydration: – Lack of water content makes your hair fragile and can break easily. Poor elasticity of hair causes split hair or damage hair. It is good to drink adequate amount of water so that your hair become elastic, shiny and hydrated.

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