How To Make Your Hair More Shiny

We have seen several ads that show super shiny hair and we all have strong desire to get beautiful, shiny hair.


List of natural products that add more shine to your hair:

Hair spray for hair shine: – Take hair spray bottle then pour small amount of hair conditioner into it. Now fill it with distilled water and add 1/2 tsp of almond oil or vitamin E enriched oil. Shake it well and spray it on freshly washed hair. It is good to make your hair soft and super shiny.

Coconut oil magic: – Apply little amount of coconut oil on your hair after shower and try to avoiding the hair root. It helps to add extra shine on your hair and make it soft. Coconut oil not only provides natural moisturizer but also nourish it nicely.

Rinse your hair with cold water: – After shampoo and conditioner wash your hair thoroughly and use cold water for final hair rinse. Cold water helps to shrink your open scalp pores and increase blood circulation that is good for natural hair shining.

Customize conditioner: – Hair conditioner is good way to keep your hair soft, shiny and prevent it from frizzy or hair dryness. Frizzy or dry hair leads to hair damages. Add few drops of jojoba oil in your conditioner. Mix it, apply it on your full hair length, and pay more attention on hair ends. It helps to prevent split ends.

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