Natural Chamomile Hair Rinse

An infusion of chamomile hair rinse is good to prevent scalp itching or irritation as well as it helps to smooth your scalp. It also improves hair texture.

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Half tsp of benzoin tincture (Natural preservative)

Four tsp of dried chamomile flower

One tsp of marigold petals

One quarter of water

Procedure: – Take one quarter of water in a pan then add chamomile and marigold petals. Bring a boil and simmer, cover it partially and leave it for 20 minutes. Now remove it from the flame and leave the mixture to cool then infuse for 5 hours. Strain the infusion and whisk it in the natural preservative benzoin tincture. Filter it and leave it to cool down. After shampoo and conditioner, rinse your hair with chamomile infusion. Mix it nicely and then rinse it with water. Keep this infusion in refrigerator.


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