Natural scalp care


Lot of time we face itchy and dry scalp problem, the reason may vary from dandruff, lice infestation, lack of natural oil secretion leading to scalp dryness or may be due to certain skin problem. One of the common factors could be lack of care which means excessive deposition  of  sweat or natural oil deposition.These depositions prevent scalp aeration.Let us look at some natural home care remedies to clean scalp and keep it infection free.

Diet for scalp care:- Add good intake of food enriched with vitamin C,B ,zinc and iron. Spinach, pulse, nuts and lettuce are excellent sources for hair and scalp care.

Natural scalp care tips-

Aloe vera for scalp care:- Its one of the most popular home remedy.Apply aloe vera gel on scalp and leave it for 15 min.Then wash it off.

Sugar scalp scrub:- Take 1 tsp brown sugar and mix it with olive oil, apply it on scalp.Its an excellent scrub for scalp.

Apple cider vinegar for scalp care :- Take 1:1 ratio of lukewarm water and apple cider.Apply this mixture on scalp and leave it for 5-7 min then wash it off.You will get relief from itchy scalp.


Tea tree oil for scalp care:-Take a mixture of tea tree oil and rosemary, apply this on scalp.It helps in reducing scalp itching.

Olive oil/Coconut oifor scalp care:- Olive oil and coconut oil is great for itchy and dry scalp.

Lemon juice for scalp care:- Apply lemon juice on scalp as it is good to keep your scalp clean.

Baking soda:- Baking soda is yet another good remedy for treatment of itchy scalp.First apply extra virgin olive oil on scalp and hair then apply a mixture of water and baking powder on scalp.Leave it for half an hour then wash it off.

Useful tips:- Don’t use harsh shampoo or hair chemicals because they remove natural oil from scalp which causes dry and itchy scalp….




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