Overnight Hair Care Tips

downloadLet us see some tips and tricks to keep your hair looking best when you wake up.

Oiling treatment: – Hair oiling treatment is not only good for dry hair but also prefect hair treatment for damaged hair and split-ends.

Scalp massage: – Give gentle circular motion massage to your scalp with the help of fingertips. It increases blood circulation that helps to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Tangle-free hair: – Brush your hair before going to bed and then tie it up that helps to prevent tangles. ┬áComb your hair from root to tip for 2 minutes. It helps to minimize knot and tangles.

To get rid of fizzy hair: – Apply little amount of argan oil on your strands and wrap all of your hair into a scarf. Oil works to soften your hair and prevent fizzy hair.

Overnight hair mist: – Take one liter of distilled water and 5-6 drops of lavender oil. Shake it well and mist it on your hair before going to bed. Lavender oil helps to promote hair growth, increase blood circulation, balance natural oil production as well as reduce stress.

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