Tips To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

We all wants last longer hair color because hair dyes, touch-up, highlights are very expensive. Today, I would like to share few tricks to stretch the hair color long last and prevent it from changing the hair color so quickly.

  • Stay away from hot tools such as blow dryer, straightener or hair curl rods for few days at least a week after coloring your hair.
  • Hard water strips hair colors as well as natural hair oil. It is good to try shower filter that helps to minimize color rinsing down the drain.
  • Whenever go to pool, sun or ocean then use hair protector serum with SPF. Hair protector SPF helps to protect your hair color from fading.
  • Avoid excessive deep hair conditioner because when it is rinse out, it takes the color molecule with it. It is good to clean your hair and do deep conditioning before applying the color. Do not avoid the hair conditioning completely. Give hair conditioner at regular interval.
  • Avoid hot showers because it rinses the hair color and natural oils. Use room temperature water to rinse your hair.

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