How To Make Your Eyes More Beautiful

Colorful eye shadow makes your eye pop up. It helps to enhance your eye beauty. Let us see few tips that make your eye more beautiful.


Say yes to eye cream: – Eye cream specially made for thin, delicate and sensitive skin around your eyes.  Always use fragrance free eye cream.

How to cover darkness: – Lack of proper sleep causes dark circles. Firstly, rub the ice-cube around the eyes. It helps to relax your tried eye then apply vitamin E enriched moisturizer followed by primer. Then apply little amount of concealer.

Break away from basic brown shadow and black liner: – Start with light base over your lids. Blend them properly to give natural look.  Place sheer color in your crease. Replace your black or brown liner with colorful liner.

Play with color: – Deep navy makes your eye brighter. Brown eye can wear any hue. Brown under tones really enhances your eye darkness.

Shimmer at any age: – sparkles are age less. To add texture on your eye makeup or make your eyes brighter then use shimmer.

Long last eye makeup: – Use eye primer over your whole eyelid then dust your lids with translucent powder. Now apply eye shadow and blend it, apply powder again to fix it.

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