Pros and Cons of Makeup

Makeup could make you stunning and beautiful. By using makeup, you can hide your flaws and helps you to highlight your strength. It is important to know the benefits and risks of makeup.


Pros of makeup: –

  • Benefits of makeup are that it helps to women to hide flaws on their face.
  • Help you to highlight your facial features that would not be as defined without makeup.
  • Makeup available in several options that suits on different skin textures, complexions and tones.

Cons of makeup: –

  • Wearing of excessive makeup or wear it every day can cause serious skin problem.
  • Cosmetic contains chemicals, colors, preservatives and some of them are even toxic.
  • Makeup can clog your skin pores and prevents it from breathing.

Makeup should be worn occasionally and it is important to remove makeup before going to bed.

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