Use Almond Oil To Remove Makeup

sweet-almond-oilAlmond oil has many benefits for hair, skin and healthy. Almond oil has antioxidant property that helps to prevent signs of aging and reduce sun damages.

Why use almond oil to remove makeup:-

  • Eyeliner and mascara needs extra effort to be removing properly. With the help of almond oil, your eye makeup comes off easily.
  • Almond oil does not contain any chemicals or substance that may cause damage to your skin.
  • When you use this oil to remove makeup, you do not have to pull your skin.
  • Almond oil as a makeup remover is best option for dry and damaged skin.

How to use:-

Take adequate amount of almond oil on your palm then gently massage all over the face. Pay more attention on the eyes and the area around them. Now take rose water moist cotton ball and gently rub the makeup off. Once you are done, wash off with lukewarm water.

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