Applying Nail Paint in a way like never before


A women with nice nail paint give her hand gorgeous look.Applying  nail polish with perfection  is tough task but with some tricks we can do it easily.

Few tips:- 

  • Light color nail polish looks great on long nails and dark nail polish color is best suited for medium and small size nails.
  • Always use good quality of nail polish otherwise it will damage your nails.

Apply base coat:- Take good amount of nail polish on brush and starts it from center then go on right side and lastly move your brush on left side of nails.Leave till it is dry.It protects your nail from stains and damages.


Now choose your choice of color:-  Now take your favorite color of nail paint and apply on nails.Don’t get worried if it goes outside.Leave it until it is dry.


Go for second coat of nail polish:- After 1st coat of nail paint  is dry , apply 2nd coat .Second coat gives shine to your nail.

Top coat :- Apply top coat of nail polish.Its good to fix your nail paint.


Prepare soap water tub:- After complete dry.Put your nails in soap water and gently rub your side skin ,so that extra nail polish is removed or take an ear bud and dip in nail remover and remove side nail paint.


Cold water tub:- It is  last step of nail paint. Put your figures in cold water.Its great to fix your nail polish.Don’t use hot water otherwise your nail paint will melt.


Its time to enjoy looking at your beautiful nails….


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