Artificial Nail

Some people do not want to grow their nails regularly. They like short nails but when going for parties or special ocassions, would wish to have longer nails. If you have very less time then you can purchase artificial nails and fulfill your desire. However, always keep in mind that it is not a permanent solution.


  • Artificial nails are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and quality.
  • Nail glue is available in market that keeps your nail for few months.
  • If you spend lot of time in water such as washing cloth, dishes or swimming then you require more glue.
  • After sticking artificial nails you are free to polish it, clip it and file it.
  • Clip it careful because you cannot grow it. It is artificial!!
  • If you have artificial nail then always go for French manicure to take care of it.
  • Always check your original nails growth.

Precaution: – Do not always put artificial nails on your original nails because it does not give fresh environment to your original nail. Remove artificial nails occasionally and give fresh environment to your natural nails to breath in fresh air.

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