Hamdard SAFI Natural Blood Purifier Reviews

We have heard about SAFI from our grandmother or from mother. Many people like this product for blood purification. Let us see, what is the product? What is its benefit?


What product says: – It provides natural cure for skin disorders such as acne vulgaris, skin rashes, blemishes, urticaria, boils etc. SAFI purifies blood from within, eliminating the toxins that cause acne and blemish.

What product claim: – Get pimple free skin formula in 21 days.

Product ingredients: – SAFI is combination of 28 essential herbal extract including neem, revand chini, senna, chiraita and tulsi keep your skin pimple free and glowing naturally. SAFI also checks nose bleeding, cures constipation, correct indigestion and helps you to stay slim and smart.

Senna:-keep stomach clear and helps prevent skin problem.

Neem:-Purifies blood and cures almost every skin disease.

Tulsi: – improve blood circulation and gives skin shine.

Chiraita: – Purifies blood and keep it toxic free for better skin conditioning.

Revand chini: – Purifies blood, promote cell repair and improve liver function.

Net volume: – 100ml

Max retail price: – Rs. 43/-

Date of expiry: – 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

Dose: – 10ml (2tsp) once a day with one glass of fresh water.

Personal Experience:- Few years back I was facing pimple problem around my chin. I started drinking SAFI to get relief from pimple. After 5 days only the pimples disappeared from my face. Thank you SAFI. Personally I would like to recommend SAFI for pimple treatment. SAFI fulfills the entire product claim.

Recommend for people who are facing acne problem.


  1. hariharank /

    sir Iam delear of aurvedic medicines. mycostumer wants two bottles of safi 500ml.
    where iw ill get it in palghat or kerala

  2. I had buy safi it’s manufactured date is 2/2016 I had buy this today I forgot to check expiry date now shopkeepers was not accepting it how I could claim for it he had given me a expiry product

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