Pond’s White Beauty BB+

ponds-white-beauty-bb-natural-cover-spf-30-2997-850x825Pond’s White Beauty BB+ fairness cream and foundation announced the selfie ready contest that got the response across the country from the young women.

What makes it special: Pond’s White Beauty BB+ is revolutionary product that gives the radiance lasts all day. Just apply the cream and you are ready for selfie anywhere at the home, at the office and at a party.  This fairness cream provides instant coverage to achieve an even skin tone. It is good to cover spots.

Flawless skin:-  If you have busy schedule and do not have sufficient time for skin care routine than make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle such as eat healthy, moisturize your skin, protect your skin from sun damages and try to manage your stress.

For the perfect selfie: The first thing you need for a selfie is a decent Smartphone and good light that should not be harsh , bright, dark or shadowy is necessary for a selfie. Background should be clean. A Smartphone tilted at 45 degrees just above your eye line is perfect.


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