Beauty Benefits Of Vegetable oil (Ghee) For skin Care

5380062800_3c1cd45ed7_mGhee is good remedy to treat almost all problems associated with dry skin. It is excellent moisturizer for your skin care. You can easily use it regular to take care of your skin.

Body moisturizer: – Body moisturize is required for all types of skin. Take same amount of ghee and rose water then add 2 drops of essential oil. Mix it and keep it in airtight jar. Use it as a body moisturizer.

Scars treatment: – Some scars leave permanent marks. Ghee is one of the good options to remove your marks.

Dry Skin: – Warmed up the ghee then massage on your body before a bath. Ghee is excellent remedy for the people who have extremely dry skin. It helps to make your skin soft and moist.

Lips care: – Apply ghee on your lips that is good to treat chapped and dark lips. It helps to prevent chapped lips, especially during the winters as well as treat your lips darkness.

Dark circles: – Apply ghee around your eyes and leave it for overnight. It helps to get rid of dark circles.

Prevent wrinkles: – Massage your face with ghee on regular basis. Ghee has moisturizer quality that helps to treat your wrinkles and prevent it.

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