Beauty tips for Dry Skin

Dry skin is common condition that causes flakes and dry patches. Dry skin also causes itching, redness and cracked skin. It causes due to lack of moisturizer or lack of appropriate amount of water in the most superficial layer of skin.


Exfoliate gently: – It is myth that dry skin is too fragile to exfoliate. You can do gentle exfoliation that is good to remove dead cells, stimulate circulation and give chance to new cells to grow.

Limit your bath time: – Limit your bath time unless you are soaking in a bathtub of mineral oil. Prolong time in the bath can dry out your skin.

Select right cleanser: – Select that cleanser, which is mild, and hydrate. Try to use gentle, fragrance free soap cleanser.

Body Moisturizer: – Dry skin moisturizer typically contains emollients like mineral oil, olive oil, petroleum jelly or glycerin.

Use sunscreen: – Apply sunscreen whenever goes outside. It helps to protect your skin from sunburn, skin cracks and from dryness.

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