Detox your skin at weekends

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Our skin bears the brunt of pollution, chemicals, dust and cosmetic everyday…what it means is regular deposition of toxin inside and outside of your body which comes out in the form of acne, blemish, pimples, flakiness and dry patches on skin. We can flush out all toxic particles from our body  just by changing food habit along with little workout.

1st weekend for skin detox  :- Start your 1st weekend with lots of fruit/ vegetable juices and ample amount of water.


Water & Juices:- Start your day with lemon water and add 1/2 tsp honey in it followed by beetroot juices or carrot juice in morning.In evening take green tea along with lemon or  ginger tea.All these are enriched with antioxidant which supports your skin hydration and skin glow. At the end of day take a bowl of vegetable soup.

Bikram yoga:- Its a kind of yoga which runs for 90 min and consist a series of 26 posture and 2 breathing exercise.During this your body sweats a lot which is good for de-toxification of your body.

Probiotic:- Probiotic is great for skin cleansing from inside out.Take probiotic yogurt then add fresh fruits and honey.Include probiotic yogurt in your routine diet.

2nd weekend for skin detox:-  Continue your juicy diet and cut short your caffeine and sugar intake. 


Fiber:-  Include lots of fibrous food in your diet.Start your breakfast with traditional oatmeal and eat lots of nuts.Add green salad, sprouts, radish and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Fresh nettle leaves are awesome for inner body cleansing.

3rd weekend for skin detox:- Now end your skin  detox with facial.

Facial massage in spa.

Facial at home :-

 Exfoliation is first step of skin care.Take 1/2 tsp sea salt ,1/2 tsp white or green clay and 2 tsp green tea water.Make a paste and apply on face, give gentle circular motion massage for 3-4 min then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Steam bath is second step. In your facial steam add 1-2 drops of either tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary or eucalyptus oil.These are detoxifying essential oils along with healing property.Take 8-10 min steam which helps to purify your skin pore .

Face mask is third and last step of  skin detoxification.Take 1 tsp clay, 1 tsp apple juice, and 1 tsp aloe vera gel.Mix it and apply on face, leave it  for 10-12 min then rinse it with lukewarm water.

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