Elbow and Knee Skin Care


During childhood we all would have played lots of outdoor game and jumped on floor with bare elbow or knee which would have caused wounds and left marks.Sometimes our elbow or knee skin become thicker than normal skin just because of poor sitting posture causing dark and rough skin problems. In-spite of all this there are many other factors that cause dark knee and elbow skin problem like acne, open wound problem, etc.

Prevention and Natural care:-  

  • Stop leaning on elbow or knee!! This causes rough and dark skin problem…Sounds silly but it is true.
  • Use loofah at the time of bath as it removes dead cells
  • Apply aloe vera on effected area its good remedy for skin lightening
  • Apply a mixture of equal amount of mustard oil and coconut oil on dark area
  • Cover the elbow and knee area as much as possible, it helps in faster recovery
  • For exfoliation apply a mixture of olive oil and sugar.Rub gently for 7-8 min then wash it
  • Apply a thick mixture of gram flour,yogurt,lemon juice,orange peel powder,few drop of honey and almond or olive oil. Leave it for 15 min then wash it and apply good moistureizer
  • Apply mixture of coconut oil,honey and sugar for 15 min then wash it
  • Gently rub the knee and elbow with lemon juice for 10 min then wash it with lukewarm water
  • Another best remedy is to apply a mixture of equal amount of lemon juice,glycerin and rose water  and leave it over night.Wash it next morning.

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