Food to prevent acne or pimple

With the help of few nutritious foods, you can prevent acne or pimple problem.  Here is a comprehensive list of the food that will help you to prevent acne.


Eat herbs: – Thyme, mint, rosemary that are low in sucrose content. It is good to prevent acne.

Diet with loads of vitamin A: – Intake fruits and vegetable that is good source of vitamin A and water for example cucumber. Cucumber contain good amount of water that helps to fight against acne. Potato, carrot is another food that enriches with vitamin A. It helps to detoxify your body and good to unclog the skin pores.

Dark chocolate: – Dark chocolate is good source of antioxidants that helps to prevent free radicals and skin damages.

Olive oil: -Take one egg white portion and cook it in olive oil. Have it as a meal that helps to beat acne the easiest way.

Eat an apple: – Eat an apple daily and stay away from acne. Pectin present in apple that prevent acne.

Raspberry: – Raspberry enriches with vitamins, antioxidant and fiber that help to protect your skin as well as keep you free from acne as well.

Lime juice: – Lemon juice is best food to clean your body and prevent acne or pimple.

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