Herbal Dry Skin Care

Dry skin requires more care because skin dryness causes wrinkles or fine lines.


Dry skin moisturizer: – Take a double boiler pan then add cocoa butter and melt it. Now remove the pan from the flame then add almond oil and stir it properly. Add few drops of orange peel oil. Leave it to cool it completely then add few drops of coconut oil and rose oil. Stir it and mix it properly. Store it in airtight jar and keep it in refrigerator.

Dry skin creme: – Take 2 tsp of beeswax and half cup of sesame seed oil in double boiler pan. Heat it at low flame until the ingredients get melt.  Now add half cup of water, 5 drops of grape seed essential oil and a pinch of borax. Stir it properly and heat it gently. Do not boil it. Now leave it to cool down then store it in airtight jar.

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