How To Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells

imagesRegular exfoliation is essential to keep your skin free from dead cells. Dead cells generally deposit on your face, feet and any other part of body. Natural home remedies work best on your skin.

Home remedy 1: –

Ingredients: –

A cup of brown sugar

6-7 tsp coconut oil

4 tsp of honey

Mix all the ingredients then apply it on your skin and give gentle circular motion massage for few minutes. Lastly, rinse it with lukewarm water.

Home remedy 2: –

Ingredients: –

6-7 tsp of oatmeal

2 tsp of lemon juice

Little amount of milk

Mix it and apply it on your skin. Give massage for 5-7 minutes then wash it off.

Home remedy 3: –


Half cup of coffee

4-5 tsp of almond oil

Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients then apply it. It helps to remove dead cells and gives you smooth skin.

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