How to Keep Youthful Skin Last Longer


You can easily notice dark spots, dullness, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation that appears on face. That is the reason face requires maximum care.

Natural cleanser: – Natural cleanser is completely safe. It protects your skin from free radicals. It helps to clean skin pores deeply and prevent skin ailment. Red strawberry cleanser gives your skin seductive charm. Aloe vera cleanser is best for dry skin. Aloe vera cleans your face as well as moisturizes it. Milk cleanser is good for all kind of skin. For more detail read also Home made facial cleanser and DIY: Natural Cleanser and Toner Beauty Care Tips


Natural skin toner: – Your skin care is incomplete without usage of toner. It helps to close the open skin pores that prevent acne or pimple problem. Neem, holy basil, Green tea, cucumber are good natural toner. After face cleansing apply some toner. For more detail read also Natural skin toner.

Moisturizer: – Fruits and yogurt combination holds the key to a radiant glow face. For proper natural moisturizer you can opt for avocado, papaya, banana paste along with yogurt. Try anyone one of these fruits. It is good to moisturize your skin very well.

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Makeup remover: – Before going to bed clean your face properly and provide a healthy environment to your skin so that your skin can breathe and play great role to keep you skin youthful for long.  Olive oil, sesame extracts are used as a makeup removal product. It works gently on skin and nourishes it well. For more detail read also How To Remove Makeup From Face

Foods For Healthy Skin

Last but not least: – Youthful skin is the mirror of your healthy body. Take proper sleep, do mediation, drink adequate amount of water, stick yourself to the vegetables and fruits. Apart from that if tiredness appears on your face then apply cucumber juice, rose water, green tea water or mint toner. It helps to give you coolant effect as well as helps your skin to look young.

With the help of above tips you can retain your youthful skin for a longer time.

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