How To Remove Nasty Boils Naturally?

how-to-get-rid-of-boils-on-face-buttocks-and-back-fast-10-waysMost of the time boils are painful, pus-filled and occurs at any part of our body. Whether you have boils are puss filled with whitish scaly or red nodules, milk mask can treat all of them, without leaving the mark.

Step 1: – Boil the milk at low flame then let the milk cool in room temperature.

Step 2: – Add 2 tsp of salt into it.

Step 3: – Lastly, add bread crumbs.

Step 4: – Mix it and make a thick paste. Now apply it directly on your boils.

Let it sit for 40 minutes then rinse it and give pat dry. Repeat this process twice in a day. It is one of the easy way to treat your nasty boils.

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  1. Jay Warren /

    Hi, Hope you don’t mind but can i just say to also use some vitamin E oil afterwards, this will reduce any possible scaring. Works really well. BTW good post you did.

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