Natural Bleach To Lighten Your Skin Tone

face-pack_625x350_41422608157There is list of natural skin bleacher that have powerful bleaching property that will reduce skin pigmentation as well as suppress the melanin production. Your skin condition not only dependent on what you apply but also on what you eat as well.

  • Take a tsp of ground orange peel powder and little amount of milk. Mix it and apply it evenly through your face and neck. Leave it for 10 minutes then clean it. Repeat this process daily to get fairer skin tone.
  • Smash a ripe papaya into smooth pulp then add few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse your face thoroughly with water only. You will get smooth, shiny face.
  • Take equal amount of honey, turmeric powder and yogurt. Mix it and apply it on your face. Leave it to dry for 15 minutes then rinse it.
  • Apply plain yogurt on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it. It helps to unclog the skin pores, remove impurities and exfoliate your skin naturally.

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