Natural Body Mask for Wrinkle Treatment

agingNobody wants to have wrinkles or signs of aging on their skin. Let us see the wrinkle mask recipes that will keep you young and beautiful.

Honey body mask: – Honey is one of the simplest remedy to cure signs of aging. Directly apply honey on your body and leave it for 30 minutes then rinse it with water only. You will get well moist, wrinkle free, charming skin.

Vitamin C enriched mask: – Take 2 tsp of yogurt then add 1 drop of orange essential oil and 1 drop of almond essential oil. Mix it well then apply it on your face and body as a mask. Let it sit for 40 minutes then rinse it.

Fruit mask: – Papaya-banana mask is best combination to treat skin pigmentation, wrinkle and dryness. Take a bowl then mash equal quantity of papaya and banana. Mix it and add 2 drops of honey. Apply it on your body. Leave it for 40 minutes then rinse it. You will get rejuvenate skin.

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