Natural Glow Face Mask

Happy-Glowing-SkinNatural glow face packs are chemical-free and the results last for longer.

Honey-orange peel: – Take 2 tsp of orange peel powder, half tsp of turmeric and one tsp of honey. You can add little amount of your favorite clay pack into it for adding advantages. Apply it on your clean face and leave it for 20 minutes then wash it off.

Baking soda-honey: – Baking soda-honey face pack acts like a mask as well as scrub too. Mix it, apply it on your face, and let it sit for 7-10 minutes then give gentle circular motion massage for 2 minutes. Lastly, rinse your face thoroughly and apply some moisturizer. Repeat this process once in a week.

Honey-papaya: – Make a paste of papaya then add one tsp of honey and little amount of water. Mix it and apply it on your face. Allow it to stay for 20 minutes then rinse it.

Sandalwood pack: – Take 2 tsp of sandalwood, 1 tsp of yogurt and little amount of rose water. Mix it and apply it on your face. Leave it for 30 minutes then wash it off.

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