Pamper your skin

Normally your skin starts to age when you are in your mid 20’s. Do not wait any longer! Start your basic skin care because your skin demands for more care as you are age.


Step 1:- Gentle cleanser: – Always use gentle cleanser. Harsh cleanser strips away your skin moisturizer. Use creamy cleanser if your skin is dry. Use oil-free cleanser if you have oily skin.

Step 2:- Moisturizer: – Moisturizer is necessary for everyone, even oily or breakout face also requires moisture to pamper your skin. You can use light-weighted or oil-free moisturizer. Dry skin people may need to put on moisturizer more than once in a day.

Step 3:- Sunscreen: – Always wear sunscreen every day. No matter either, you are staying indoors or it is cloudy weather.

Step 4: Scrub: – Exfoliation is best way to flush off dead cells from your skin. Once in a week exfoliation is good for skin.

Step 4: Skin nourishment: – Cream or serum that has vitamin A or B3 may be able to correct the sun damaged skin.  Vitamin C and E is good to revive your sunburn skin.




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