Scrubs For Natural Skin Glow

face-scrubToday, I am going to share list of useful scrubs that easily available in your kitchen and works wonder on your skin.

Salt: – Salt scrub works wonder on your body, foot and hand to slough off dead cells and gives you baby soft skin.  Add few drops of olive oil into it, to remove impurities and get moist skin.

Sugar: – Sugar is excellent scrub for your face and lips. Combine few drops of honey to get spa experience at home. Combination of sugar and honey makes your skin beautiful.

Coffee: – Coffee is another good remedy to tighten the skin. It helps to increase your blood circulation and enhance your skin glow. Make a paste with the help of ground coffee and water. This paste works as a scrub-cum-mask.  You will get soft and glowing skin.

Oatmeal: – Oatmeal is excellent scrub for sensitive skin. This scrub helps to soothe and calm your skin. Take some oatmeal and milk then mix it properly to use it as a scrub-cum-mask.

Tomato: – Tomato scrub is good for oily skin. It helps to revive dull skin and prevent deposition of excessive greasiness. Tomato scrub also helps to shrink the skin pore size.

Lemon: – Lemon is best remedy to get brighten skin tone. Take equal amount of lemon juice and honey then mix it and apply it on your skin. You will get smooth and glowing skin.

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