Things That Could Damage Your Skin

Generally, skin care requires lot of care to make it healthy. It is tough task to achieve smooth and soft skin. Here are few things that you need to avoid to get a healthy skin.


Chlorine: – Swimming is best exercise for body but it is not good for your skin. Chlorine trends to stay on your skin even after shower. It is good to wash your body nicely and use loofah to scrub the chlorine away.

Excessive coffee intake: – Excessive coffee intake can causes skin to age faster. Having two cup of coffee is enough for the day. However, when you increase the intake of coffee then accelerate the aging process.

Forget to remove makeup: – Sleeping without wash off your face will damage your skin. Makeup particles clog the skin pores as well as prevent the sebum glands from breathing that causes acne or pimple.

Too much spa: – Frequent spa treatments can weaken your skin elasticity that causes skin sagginess.

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