Tips To Maintain An Oily Skin

Do you need a beauty tips that can help remove the oils and dust from your face? Whiteheads, clogged pores are the result of oily skin. Oily skin requires more care in comparison to other skin types.

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Cleansing – It is most important to clean your pores and keep your skin free from oil or greasy substance. Try to use foam based or gel based face cleansers to cure your oily skin.

Scrubbing: – You need to indulge in exfoliation your skin as well. It helps to remove dead cells as well as clean your skin pores deeply.

Face mask: -Fuller’s earth face mask or sandalwood face mask are good for oily skin. Simply, add little amount of rose water in your face mask. Mix it and apply it. You will get wonderful skin. Repeat this process twice in a day.

Skin tone: – Use alcohol free toner to make sure your skin stays oil free.

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