To Get Rid Of Body Acne

6262694906_bfd53f6aa5Body acne can take several forms like zits, pimple or blackheads that can leave nasty scars. Let us try this natural home remedies to banish body acne.

Body scrub: – Mild scrub is good way to get rid of dead cells that tend to build up on body. Generally, oils and dead cells blocked the skin pores that form acne on your body. Take a cup of brown sugar or white sugar, half cup of honey and squeeze out one lemon juice. Mix it properly and scrub it gently. It helps to remove dead cells and open your skin pores.

Body bath: – Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath water then soak in it for 15 minutes in order to treat acne naturally.

Body acne toner: – Take 1:1 ratio of apple vinegar cider and water.  Mix it and make a natural toner. Spray this toner on your body before shower. Let it dry then rinse off.

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  1. There is so many pros/cons, blah blah about the bfeneits and non bfeneits of fruit. When I suffered from my eating disorder I was so terrified of fruits and the sugars and carbs. Fruits provide a number of nutrients, so I don’t think we need to consider them bad . I love my fruits, mostly bananas and berries. I don’t think fruit makes you fat, unless you are eating mass amounts and over your calorie limit, then obviously that’s more of an issue. You could say any food makes you fat then. I’m a little sensitive to fruits and it effects my skin and stomach issues, but only again, if I eat large amounts of fruits. Good luck with the change or experimentation! You never know unless you experiment with your diet!Lisa recently posted..

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